Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don’t know how we ended up here. Weird thing is that Sue doesn’t remember either. Last thing we have any sort of clarity on is downing pints of Guinness + blackcurrant with vodka chasers in the Lamb & Flag on Ramsgate quay; then Sue driving our wheels up a ramp onto a random ferry (seemed a good idea at the time) and when we came round - with massive hangovers - we were in Stockholm! Bit surprising. But we decided to go with the adventure. Neither of us had done Sweden before. On the upside, there was a wide choice if you’re into tall blond men but Sue pointed out that men were off the menu for a while. So how come she was the one who hooked up with this guy Per later on? He kept trying to hug us and drag us along to a party. I’m not big on physical contact unless it’s sex but Sue’s more – er – adaptable. Anyway, we ended up having a great time and we definitely want to stay in contact with Per! But I told Sue straight, “You can’t always rely on your intuition, girl.” What’s she like!!

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