Sunday, July 26, 2009


My name’s Mo. When I was a kid people used to say I was a tomboy but the choice was limited at the shithouse otherwise known as Pike’s Road Comprehensive: toughen up and survive; be flimsy and get your face stamped on. If there’d been a GCSE in talking back, I’d have got an A+. As it was, I left before taking any. Since those days I’ve gone through shedloads of crap jobs and crappier men. I never stay long with either. Some guys – the ones who’ve read books on counselling – tell me I’m callous as a defence against getting hurt. Maybe. But show me a loving, reliable guy and I’ll show you whether I can be nice or not. I don’t usually hit it off with other women, particularly if I’ve been shagging their husbands. But Sue’s different. She’s a real mate. Anyone messes with Sue, I’d punch their lights out.

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